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Hey friends!

Goodness, it seems like so much has been going on. For those of you that don’t know, we actually live in Broward County, which is where Marjory Stoneman Douglas is located. My last post was on the morning of the school shooting, before anything had happened yet.

Beauty from Ashes (In light of the MSD tragedy)

I am so thankful that I’m part of such an amazing church. We were able to spend time grieving over this horrible tragedy together. We have many people from our church who have been actively involved with the devastated students, teachers, and parents. They’ve just made themselves available to those whose hearts are broken, and have given them shoulders to cry on, shared encouraging words of hope and comfort, and embraced them with arms of love, and have actively prayed for these hurting people. Despite how horrible this situation is, I can honestly see the beauty that has come out of these ashes. Seeing a community of people come together in the midst of this tragedy has been truly inspirational and beautiful to witness. I was able to hug and pray with two Douglas students. It was heart-wrenching to see the pain they are in and how much this event affected them, but I was also thankful to have had the opportunity.

Besides all of that, we were dealing with our toddler being sick and/or teething (because sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference…LOL), and lastly, I was hired to make two vertical banners and a mirror seating chart for Ann & Shane’s Flamingo Gardens Wedding! So I was working on those at the end of last week!

Hand-Lettered Banner

This couple wanted to do something a little different. They decided to combine their two last names into one. Which isn’t traditional, but I think it’s a pretty cool representation of two individuals becoming one!

They also happen to be fans of Game of Thrones, and of Disney. So, they requested two hand-lettered vertical banners that explained their last name. It was pretty neat, because each scroll was worded in the respective styles!


“Game of Thrones” style banner

How Did I Make Them?

I first did a layout of the size of the banner on my computer, and messed around with the words. I also made a triangle shape to add to the bottom of the document; that way I could use it as a guide for when I had to cut it later. Once I arranged everything in a visually appealing way, I printed them to size on several sheets of paper, and taped those together.

I used a light-box to be able to use my printed layout as a guide for straight lines and centering. I placed the cream colored card stock over it and lettered the words in my style!

Once I was done lettering, I cut the banner to size and gave it the pointed edge.

If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to explain in further detail!


“Sleeping Beauty” style banner

Hand-Lettered Mirror Seating Chart

This was my first seating chart on a mirror, and I LOVE how it came out! It was a bit more time consuming than doing it on acrylic, but I think the end result was worth it!

How Did I Make It?

For the mirror seating chart, I also first did a layout on my computer. I used the spreadsheet that the bride sent me to input all the names.

I bought some white graphite paper at Hobby Lobby and used that to transfer all the names from the printed sheets onto the mirror. This helped me keep everything centered. I actually didn’t write every single letter when transferring. Just to save time, I just wrote the first and last letters of each name.


In the process of writing the names. Here you can see some of the letters that I transferred from the graphite paper, and some of the completed names.

I then used a fine point Sharpie oil-based paint pen to hand-letter the names and table numbers. I used an index card to help me keep my lines straight, and that was pretty much it!

When I was done, I went over the whole thing with a dry microfiber towel to remove the graphite paper marks and any smudges!


Sneak-peek of the end result!

Above, you can see a photo of the final product in action at the wedding reception! This picture was sent to me from the amazing Gina Marie from Gina Marie Weddings and Events. I’ve had the privilege of working with her several times these past few months, and she has been wonderful to work with!

I can’t wait to get the professional photos of the seating chart and banners from Steph Lynn Photo! Once I do, I will be sure to post them!

Hire Me!

Are you wanting a beautiful hand-lettered seating chart for your wedding? Why don’t you hire me to make it for you? I will letter it with love and precision, and it will be one less thing for you to stress about! If you’re interested, you can get more information here, or just contact me!

Laughing and Lettering,

DeeDee <3