Good morning friends!

I look forward to Tuesdays partially because of T-Mobile Tuesdays! If you’re a T-Mobile customer and don’t have the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, you need to get it now!

But first, I wanted to share some updates about my life and lettering!

Our Daughter’s Accident

Over the weekend, our 18 month old girl bust her face open at a restaurant! I wasn’t there when it happened, but it was SO sad and there was so much blood coming from her nose and mouth. My hubby was a hero and stayed calm while everyone else was totally freaking out.

Once I got home she was napping, but then she woke up halfway through and was still bleeding from her mouth! Being first time parents, we felt AWFUL. And we had no idea if she needed stitches since she was still bleeding 2+ hours later.

We finally figured out she tore her lip tie. And I am soooo thankful for the friends we have! First we called our friend Godson, who is a firefighter/EMT. Then we called our friend Jen, who is a pediatric ER nurse. Like how perfect, right?!

Anyways, they both told us that she should be fine and that they pretty much never do stitches for inside the mouth injuries.

After a lot of prayers for the wound to not re-open, keeping her away from other kids (because one hit with a toy = disaster), and a lot of soft foods, baby girl has been blood free since Saturday night! God is so good!

Hand-lettering Update

I’ve been hired to do some lettering for a February wedding, and I’m so excited for it! I will be doing another seating chart, but this time on a mirror! And I will be also lettering two fancy scrolls that will be displayed at the wedding.

Product-line Update

My first piece is officially ready! I also have a second piece designed, but the quote is one I got from a podcast.

I’m not totally familiar with what you are and aren’t allowed to sell, so even though I don’t think the quote is copyrighted, I’ll still play it safe and get permission from the hosts! Besides, I’d like to establish a relationship with the hosts because they seem awesome (more to come on that later).

T-Mobile Tuesday Deals

Every Tuesday, as a thank you for being a customer, you get free or discounted deals through the app.

Today you can get:

  • A free stack of Dulce de Leche pancakes from Denny’s (online order for pickup or delivery only)
  • A free Vudu movie rental worth $5.50
  • A $25 gift card
  • 40% off when you buy two UE speakers at a T-Mobile Store

You can totally take advantage of some of these for Valentine’s Day… I’m just saying!

I hope you guys have an awesome day! We are off to pick up our pancakes!

Laughing and Lettering,



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