Beehive Kitchen is a South Florida food place that has created quite the buzz locally. Since they opened several months ago, our family has been somewhat obsessed with it, going as often as possible and trying to get as many of our friends to try it as we can.

This Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, 2018, if you go to one of the two Beehive Kitchen locations and purchase a “Buzz Bowl”, you’ll get one of their adorable little cakes in a jar for free!

You can choose from The Bumble Bee, featuring moist chocolate cake with honey buttercream, or The Honey Pot, with honey cake, spiced pecans,
and sweet buttercream.
Being healthy and amazingly delicious are only two of the reasons we love this place!
I hope you will check them out! To learn more about Beehive Kitchen, click here.

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