Wedding Seating Charts



Wedding Seating Chart
(Local Pick-Up in South Florida Only)

How Much?

  • Minimum $80 layout fee on acrylic (wood and mirror signs cost more)
  • $1.25 per guest name in print
  • $2.00 for couple names or board titles in print or cursive
  • Note: Prices can vary based on the size and type of board, and the deadline

What’s All the Fuss?

Wow your wedding guests with a gorgeous and unique hand-lettered seating chart. Acrylic and mirrors are the most common options; however, if you have any other ideas just let me know!

How Does This Work?

  • You can choose to have your guests arranged by table number or alphabetically
  • You will need to provide the names and table numbers for all of your guests in an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Please make sure you have triple-checked for spelling or seating assignment errors, as I won’t be responsible for errors made on your end.
  • If I will be designing the layout for the board, an additional fee will apply.
  • You must provide the plexiglass, mirror, or desired board. If you’d like for me to get one, an additional fee will apply.
  • Once the layout is designed, I will start writing the names on your board. Depending on the size of your board and the number of guests, this can take from 3-14 days.
  • After the seating chart is done, we can meet up for you to receive the finished product!

Your wedding guests will love to see a unique, hand-lettered seating chart that is beautiful and will help them easily find their seats! Your seating chart will also be a gorgeous and special addition to your wedding decor that will not be easily forgotten.