Hand-Addressed Envelopes

What’s All the Fuss?

Beautifully hand-lettered envelopes are perfect for your wedding, special announcements, or business marketing. You will be sure to impress your guests, clients, or loved ones with this extra-special touch!

How Much?

  • Name and address- $2.00/envelope
  • Name only- $0.75/envelope
  • Return Address- $1.00/envelope


How Does This Work?

  • Envelopes can be provided by you or by me, and different customization options (such as envelope and ink color) are available.
  • Please be aware that processing time is 1-2 weeks; this can vary during the holiday season or based on availability of desired colors.
  • You will need to send me a list with all the names and addresses you’d like on your envelopes
  • If you will be using your own envelopes, you will have to mail those to me as well. You must pay for your own shipping costs.
    • If you are local (South Florida), we can meet up so you can save money on shipping!
  • I will need at least ten extra envelopes for every 50 you order, to take human error into account

Once done, I will ship your beautiful personalized envelopes back to you so that you can mail them out and WOW your friends and family!