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4 Tips to Memorize Scripture

I have hidden your word in my heart
    that I might not sin against you.

-Psalm 119:11

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If memorizing scripture seems daunting, here are some tips I’ve personally used to be able to memorize many verses, and even a few chunks of scripture at a time!⁣

4 Tips for Memorizing Scripture


Start by writing out the verse. It can be in a prayer journal or on an index card, sticky note, scrap paper, or even a whiteboard/chalkboard. ⁣

As you write, capitalize, circle + underline words that stick out to you. ⁣Or try to think of ways to write the word or doodle around it to help you recall it later. ⁣

For example: When I started memorizing Psalm 46, I drew a little simple roof over the word refuge, and I wrote the word tremble in shaky letters. Sometimes taking the time to do this will help your mind picture the word later!


Another good way to get started is to say the verse over and over again. ⁣

You could read the entire verse again and again. ⁣

But my favorite way to do this is to add on one word at a time. ⁣

For example: God. God is. God is our. God is our refuge… you get the idea.

The nice thing about this is that it’s a good way to be able to work on memorizing even while you’re in the car or waiting in line. You only need to glance at the verse occasionally to see the next word, and then otherwise focus on ⁣repeating the beginning part of the verse you’ve already learned!


When I was a kid in AWANA (basically a bible memorizing version of Girl/Boy Scouts that was SO fun 😆), this is how my mom taught us a lot of the verses we needed to learn. ⁣

And I still remember some of those verses (and the songs we made up for them) today!⁣

You can either make up your own melody, or take a song you already know and put the words of the verse to it. ⁣

There are also groups like Seeds Family Worship that put scripture to music, and I know there are many others out there too!


Once you’ve started memorizing a few verses, the best way to keep them fresh in your mind is to review them consistently. ⁣

You can write them all in a specific journal or notepad to be able to look over every so often or keep them all in the notes of your phone. ⁣

Or, there’s an app that I highly recommend (no compensation here, I just LOVE it and have used it for years). ⁣

It’s called RememberMe, and I know it’s available for iOS and Android. It might cost a few bucks but it’s so worth it!⁣

It has tools in it to help you through the memorizing process, and will also store up all the verses you want to learn or already have learned! ⁣Check out their website to see all the cool features it has. It’s seriously helped me learn a LOT of new verses, and I like that it’s on my phone since I have it with me all the time anyways.

What ways have you found to be effective in helping you memorize Bible verses? Please comment below with your memorizing tips!


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