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Hand-Lettered Seating Chart Featured on Let’s Bee Together

A while back I had the opportunity to do the seating chart for a romantic, rustic wedding at Thalatta Estate in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

This seating chart was done on a clear acrylic board with white lettering, and was then placed on a black easel and framed by simple, yet classy green leaves.

After my recommendation, the bride chose to go with an alphabetical arrangement of names on the seating chart, instead of organizing the names by table number.

Why is this a better option? When there is a significant number of guests coming to a wedding, it is quite time consuming for each one to have to look through 100+ names to try to find their table placement!

But if the seating chart is arranged alphabetically, all the guests have to do is find their last name (which is easy as long as they know how to spell their own name! Heehee!), and then see the table they were assigned to.

Beautiful. Efficient. Eliminates confusion. Sounds like a great option to me!

Here are some photos of this particular seating chart.

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And check out the whole feature post on Let’s Bee Together! If you scroll down you’ll see pictures of my work, and also my name listed as the calligrapher at the very bottom.

Let me know if you’re able to spot my photos!

Would you like to hire me to create a beautiful seating chart for your wedding? I can letter on acrylic, wood, or glass (mirrors). As a more cost effective option, I can digitally design a seating chart that you can then get printed locally! Or I can help you bring a unique idea to life! Just contact me and fill me in on your seating chart dreams!



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